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Download Acronis True Image 2015 v18.0.5539 + Bootable Media, Create Reliable Backups

Download Acronis True Image 2015

Download Acronis True Image 2015

Technical data
Acronis True Image 2015 v18.0.5539 Spanish
Spanish | English | 327 MB | Setup + Bootable Disc Plus Pack | Win XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1

Updated with the future of backup
It's a whole new vision of backup. It is the latest synchronization technology. It is storage in the cloud. It is True Image compatible with new devices. And it's easy to test now: if you're installing it for the first time, or upgrade from a previous version.
Acronis True Image 2014 protects your photos, documents, music, mail, programs, contacts, calendars and much more. Store content in a secure online location and sync with devices. True Image 2014 is safe, reliable and easy.

Innovative synchronization New!
The latest synchronization technologies are already here. We have made syncing fast, secure and amazingly easy. The files you choose are sent to all devices, automatically, effortlessly, and smoothly.
Mobile file access New!
Your files are available on all your favorite devices, from smartphones to tablets and PCs. Thus, your files will always be available anywhere, anytime. And mobile applications will be available for free.
Disk Imaging
Restore everything - not just the files, but also the exact settings on your computer, including the operating system, settings, and applications.
Continuous backup New!
True Image 2013 records continuous changes as you work, so you can go back to any file, folder, or the entire system as it was at a specific point in time.
Windows 8 New!
True Image 2013 is in tune with the latest news and that's why it's compatible with Windows 8. And it's still compatible with all Windows operating systems up to XP.
Try & Decide
Avoid disasters before they happen. Try new software and browse any website, even if it's potentially dangerous. Try & Decide technology allows you to use a test unit and decide if you want to keep changes on your computer
Secure Zone®
Save a disk backup to the system drive. Perform recoveries on the go, wherever you are, even if the operating system has failed.
Smart programming
Backups can be automatically run whenever you want, even when you are not using your computer.
See before restoring
Get a clear preview of what your system looked like during each backup and select the version you want to restore.
Incremental backups
There is no need to run a full system backup at all times. Incremental and differential backups capture changes since the last backup to save disk space.
Set and Forget ™
You choose when and how often True Image backs up your computer. We willl take care of the rest.
Drives larger than 2TB
Do you have a very high capacity hard drive? No problem. Now you can protect more than 2 terabytes of files, programs and other content.
Extreme media versatility
Use any storage device. True Image backs up to DVD, USB drives, external hard drives, GPT drives, and even cloud storage.
Background operation
Keep working during backups: True Image works in the background and does not affect running processes.
Simple network backup
True Image automatically detects and displays the NAS device so you can back up multiple computers on the network to a safe and reliable storage site.
Your data, your privacy
True Image is equipped with a strong AES-256 encryption authorized by the Government to keep your data safe.
Disasters can be a great motivation to start backing up, but now it doesn't have to be. We've replaced annoying backup procedures with fast, automatic and uninterrupted protection. We have developed the most advanced synchronization technologies. We have taken what was already an amazing backup tool and have greatly improved it. Introducing: True Image 2013 from Acronis.
The cloud
Take your digital world to a whole new space - put it online! Add 250 GB of cloud storage capacity with government-authorized AES-256 encryption with True Image Online.
Perfect timing
We have brought timing almost perfectly. We took a technology that was already incredible and we have improved it. Share unlimited amounts of information with your friends or between your own devices, and define the folders you want to synchronize: on your computer, tphone, tablet, network, USB memory or external hard drive. True Image 2013 is much faster and easier to use than ever.
Mobile access to files
Now your data is not only protected, it is also available wherever you go. The files you want will be on all devices, to use them at any time you want. Download the FREE app for your smartphone or tablet and get to work.
Windows 8 compatibility
True Image 2013 is Windows 8 compatible so it's ready to go on new PCs. Of course, it is also backwards compatible with Windows up to Windows XP. Stay up-to-date with technological advancements! Or not, because True Image software works perfectly on virtually any PC.

System requirements
Supported operating systems
Windows 8 / 8.1
Windows 7 (all editions)
Windows Vista (all editions) SP2
Windows XP Home Edition (X32, SP3)
Windows XP Professional (X32 / X64, SP2)
Windows Home Server 2011
Minimum system requirements
1 GHz or faster Pentium processor
512 MB of RAM
CD-RW / DVD-RW drive for creating bootable media
Using Acronis Nonstop Backup requires at least 1 GB of RAM.
Mouse or other pointing device (recommended).
High-speed Internet connection (for use with Acronis Online Backup ™)
Supported file systems
FAT16 / 32
Ext2 / Ext3 / Ext4
Linux SWAP
Supported storage devices
Hard drives
Networked Storage Devices
FTP servers
CD-R / RW, DVD-R / RW, DVD + R / RW, BD-R
ZIP®, Jaz® and other removable devices
PATA (IDE), SATA, SCSI, SAS, IEEE1394 (Firewire), USB1.1 / 2.0 / 3.0 drives.
Support for Windows dynamic disks and GPT volumes is available with the Plus Pack add-on module. See this Knowledge Base article for more details
Recent changes
Release Notes for Acronis True Image 2015 Update 2 build 5145
Release date: September 16, 2014
Languages: English US, German, Japanese, Russian, French
Build number: 5145

Installation procedure
The installation procedure is straightforward. launch the .dmg file, and then drag the Acronis True Image 2015 icon to the Applications folder.
What's new in this release
Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite support — Acronis True Image 2015 for Mac runs with the latest version of Mac OS X.
Support for hard drives with Boot Camp installed — If you have Boot Camp installed on your hard drive to use Windows in addition to Mac OS X, you can back up and recover your disk without limitations. Bootability of both operating systems will be kept. If you use third-party drivers to write to the NTFS file system, stable operation of such drivers is not guaranteed when a backup is in progress.
Improved performance of Parallels Desktop (PD) virtual machine backup — When you back up a disk with a PD virtual machine installed, the backup process is more complex, when compared to backup of a hard disk without PD. The rate of this backup process is higher, and the resulting backup file is much smaller. Parallels Desktop 9 and Parallels Desktop 10 are supported.
Automatic backup destination selection — If an external hard drive is plugged in to your Mac or if you have enough free space on Acronis Cloud, True Image will suggest that you back up to one of these destinations.
Fusion Drives support — Acronis True Image 2015 for Mac supports computers with Fusion Drives, both for backup and recovery.
FileVault 2 support — Drives encrypted by FileVault2 are available for backup and recovery.
Improvements in File Recovery wizard — The recovery wizard is more user-friendly, it which now remembers its last state, and it has fewer buttons.

System requirements
Operating systems:
OS X Mountain Lion 10.8
OS X Mavericks 10.9
OS X Yosemite 10.10
File systems:
Mac OS Extended format (case-insensitive)
NTFS (for backing up, only)
Unsupported configurations
Mac OS Extended format (encrypted)
RAIDs of any kind
List of fixed issues
[TIMAC-993] True Image doesn't open after a Mac restart, when the "Reopen windows when logging back in" check box is selected.
[TIMAC-1687] In some cases, backup of the Extended file attributes fails.
List of known issues
[TIMAC-550] If a computer goes to sleep while backing up to a network share, the backup doesn't summarize on the computer wake-up. The backup fails.
[TIMAC-1468] If the mount point of an external drive with a scheduled backup is changed, new versions of the backup cannot be saved to the drive.
[TIMAC-950] Sometimes the system disk is not selected for backup by default.
[TIMAC-1429] Under rescue media, True Image doesn't allow selecting an unallocated disk as a recovery destination.
[TIMAC-1239] The backup progress may freeze at 100% for several minutes.
[TIMAC-1231] If you recover your disk to a larger one, the Recovery HD partition size increases.
[TIMAC-1392] [TIMAC-1392] You cannot perform a file recovery while a backup is running.
[TIMAC-1185] A drive cannot be partitioned by using Disk Utility, if a backup is in progress in True Image.
[TIMAC-1203] All links in True Image always open in Safari, not in the default web browser (it is different).
[TIMAC-1083] The Acronis Cloud remaining space decrease is indicated incorrectly during backup.
[TIMAC-888] If a USB flash drive is selected to back up to Desktop, the warning message “It is not recommended to back up a disk to itself” is displayed.
[TIMAC-616] When user starts several backups, there is no queue status description on the queued backups.
[TIMAC-690] The “launchd” framework reports “Bug: 12F37″ at every backup performed on schedule.
[TIMAC-674] True Image doesn’t retry backing up to a network share, if the share is unexpectedly disconnected during the backup.
[TIMAC-1497] When you browse for files during file recovery, double-clicking a folder doesn’t expand it.
[TIMAC-1514] If there’s not enough free space to create the new backup version, True Image doesn’t warn the user before an incremental backup. The backup fails.

Download Acronis True Image 2015

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