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Download Affirmations, Louise L.

Download Affirmations Louise L.

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Affirmations (Personal Growth), Louise L. Hay (AudioBook)
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Positive affirmations are an immense source of personal power. Through them we can change and improve any aspect of our life. Every thought and word we speak is an affirmation. Even the conversations we have with ourselves, our internal dialogue, are a chain of positive or negative affirmations. Our beliefs are nothing more than habitual patterns of thinking learned during childhood. And although many benefit us, others can limit our ability to create the things we really want in life. We have to relearn to think and speak positively to overcome the entrenched habit of negativity. The principles proposed by Louise L. There, applicable to topics such as health, forgiveness, prosperity, creativity, relationships, professional success and self-esteem, will allow you to enjoy the wonderful life you deserve.

Download Affirmations Louise L.

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