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Download Android Studio v3.5.2, The best environment to program on Android

Download Android Studio v3.5.2

Download Android Studio v3.5.2

Technical data
Android Studio v3.5.2
English | 718 MB | WIN / MAC / LiNUX

Android Studio is a new integrated development environment for the Android operating system launched by Google, designed to offer new tools for application development and an alternative to the Eclipse environment, so far the most used IDE.
When creating a new project in Android Studio, the structure of the project appears with almost all the files within the SRC directory, a change to a Gradle-based generation system that will provide greater flexibility for the construction process. In addition, thanks to its integrated emulation system, Android Studio allows you to see the changes we make in our application in real time, and can also see how it is displayed on different Android devices with different configurations and resolutions simultaneously.
Among the many features of Android Studio are its packaging tools and coding of code to organize when implementing large amounts of code, also using a drag & drop system to move the components through the user interface. In addition, this new environment has Google Cloud Messaging, a functionality with which we can send data from the server to Android terminals through the cloud, this being a way to send Push notifications to our apps. On the other hand, it will also help us in locating our applications, giving us a more visual way to continue programming and control the flow of the application.
What does Android Studio offer?
- A clear and robust development environment.
- Easy to test operation on other types of devices.
- Wizards and templates for common programming elements in Android.
- A complete editor with many extra tools to speed up the development of our applications.

System Requirements
Recent Changes
Android Studio 3.5.2 available

Issue # 141927977: Constraint reason strings can take too much memory on large projects
Layout Editor
Issue # 129457736: Reformatting changes the order of elements
Core IDE
Issue # 140220674: Setting JDK location to JAVA_HOME in project structure dialog does not set JDK location to JAVA_HOME.
Issue # 142002567: Android Studio 3.5.1 fails to sync
Issue # 129261435: Android syncing hangs if distributionSha256Sum mismatches after upgrade
Data binding
Issue # 140999936: AGP 3.6-alpha11: error: cannot generate view binders java.lang.StackOverflowError
Issue # 142130560: Arch components github sample does not compile with AGP 3.6.alpha11
Issue # 141633235: data binding crashes if you have Foo extends LiveData <Foo>

Download Android Studio v3.5.2

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