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Download Ashampoo Privacy Protector v1.1.3 Multilanguage, More Security for your Data

Download Ashampoo Privacy Protector v1.1.3

Download Ashampoo Privacy Protector v1.1.3

Technical data
Ashampoo Privacy Protector v1.1.3 Multilanguage
Spanish Incl. | 21 MB | NFO

Take no risk when the security of your data is at stake. Encrypt and archive your files with Privacy Protector!
Privacy Protector offers an innovative approach, combining the security provided by encryption, archiving and cleaning. Instead of having to use standalone tools that don't go well together, you can now rely on a single, well-balanced solution, which eliminates confusing and motley menus for clarity and ease of use.
Summary of Points of Interest
Maximum encryption of your private data
Securely record and archive data to highly secure recordable
Use flash drives as master keys
Works without passwords… Use existing files and images as passwords
Permanently and completely erase confidential information
Find and remove revealing traces of data within the system
Protect your privacy now with Ashampoo Privacy Protector. Every day counts.
Encrypt, delete, clean and archive with maximum security. Encrypt your files with AES256 encryption for optimal protection, burn results to any disk, and permanently erase original files. It sounds easy? It is! And there is no more need to remember long passwords. Just plug in a flash drive to keep the automatically generated master key and keep it handy, a secure, mobile password to take with you everywhere. You can also use your files, for example. images such as key passwords and completely get rid of passwords. Do you need to send your files? One click is all it takes to create an email with the right attachments. And due to popular demand, we've added a system cleaner that removes files that are no longer needed on your PC - and it's customizable too.
Protect your privacy with Ashampoo Privacy Protector. Really easy, really safe- Privacy Protector
Securely encrypt and burn for 1000 years
Files encrypted with AES256 and maximum protection can be sent instantly by email or recorded securely to avoid any errors during the transfer and guarantee maximum comfort. And when we say it for sure, we mean it! With M-DISC's built-in support, your data will last up to 1000 years. Thanks to their unique surface, these discs will stand the test of time unlike normal recordable discs that experience data loss after a few years. Privacy Protector fully supports this innovative technology to offer you a long-term option of archiving your data. M-DISCs are available online or at your local distributors.
Permanently delete files
Secure deletion of original files is part of any safeguards strategy - an area where Windows fails miserably. There are dozens of applications available to restore deleted files unless you play it safe! Privacy Protector has an eraser tool that rewrites erased files with random values ​​making them virtually unrecoverable even for specialists - anything erased stays erased, guaranteed! Whether you sell used hard drives or try to protect your intellectual property, Privacy Protector will not fail you.
Maximum security without passwords
Having trouble remembering your passwords? Why not just use one of your files as a key password? Do you want to make it even easier? No problem, you just have to use a flash drive as a safe to store your security keys and to decrypt your files. There is nothing easier than that. But can a photo of your choice be used as a key? Even that is possible. In this way, your file can only be decrypted by someone with the same photo and who knows that it was used as a key. Witty!
Professional trace removal included
You leave traces - be it surfing the web or doing your daily work! Privacy Protector finds and removes any traces that may help create a profile of you or your work. Any remaining programs or temporary files (which can take up several gigabytes of space) are erased to protect your privacy and free up valuable disk space.
Protect your privacy with Ashampoo Privacy Protector. Really easy, really safe- Privacy Protector

Operating system:
Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows® 8 / 8.1, Windows® 10
Any PC running one of the above operating systems at a reasonable speed.
Microsoft .Net 4.0 Framework
Graphic card:
Resolution Min.
1024 × 768 - 100%
1280 × 1024 - 125%
1600 × 1200 - 150%
2048 × 1536 - 200%
2560 × 2048 - 250%

Download Ashampoo Privacy Protector v1.1.3

Download Ashampoo Privacy Protector v1.1.3
Download Ashampoo Privacy Protector v1.1.3

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