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Download Corel Painter v14.0.0.728 (WIN MAC), A Complete Digital Art Studio

Download Corel Painter v14.0.0.728

Download Corel Painter v14.0.0.728

Technical data
Corel Painter 2015 v14.0.0.728 (WIN / MAC)
English, German, French, Chinese, Japanese | 185 MB | 194 MB | WIN / MAC | NFO

The world's leading digital art software for the artist in need to express emotions directly on the digital canvas
Corel Painter is the ultimate digital art studio for anyone willing to expand their definition of creativity. It allows you to experiment with color theory, composition, and brush strokes, without the toxins, hassle, and expense associated with traditional art.

It supports the entire Wacom product line, including Cintiq's interactive pen visualizations and Intuos drawing tablets, giving you the most responsive digital painting experience so your hand and brush work seamlessly as one.
Customizable paper textures give your art artistic nuances, plus a level of texture and detail that no other digital painting or photo painting tool can produce. Painter changes what is possible in art. Now is your turn.

Progressive digital art capabilities:

Kaleidoscope painting:
Create electrifying kaleidoscope effects on canvas with this exciting new tool that only exists in Painter. Use your choice of media to paint patterns and colors, using 3 to 12 duplicate plans. No other digital painting software in the world can produce such a reaction.

Mirror paint:
Save time by painting with perfect precision. This new tool copies each stroke you make on the opposite side of your canvas. Choose whether to mirror horizontally, vertically, or both. It offers twice the fun in half the time.

RealBristle Dry Media:
Reproduces the movement and feeling of traditional art on canvas. Paniter's RealBristle ™ brushes represent a milestone for digital painting, providing the most realistic painting experience along with a graphics tablet. Designed to work with a Wacom stylus tablet, RealBristle Dry Media tools such as chalk, marker, pen and pen allow you to control opacity, color intensity, ink and shading simply by pressure regulation , angle and speed of your pen on the painter's tablet.

Real watercolor:
Achieve the most authentic results. This advanced tool blends and dries more realistically than any other watercolor brush. Control the wind direction to dry and see colors interact with the paper grain and change the pigmentation in the most realistic way. Customize your paper texture settings to influence how watercolor paint flows.

Real Wet Oil:
With 12 new tools, the Real Wet Oil category offers the perfect solution for color blending and painting. Add solvents to the control canvas even more. This new category of brush gives artists that sense of realism that only Painter can offer.

Cloning the source palette:
Save time when working with photos. Now you can create and manage numerous cloning images in a single Painter file, using the new cloning from the source palette. It simply creates a library of objects that can easily be cloned and inserted into a painting.

Smart photo painting tools:
Transform photos into paintings by hand or let the automatic paint palette paint a photo for you, using your choice of brush and media. Painter contains sophisticated SmartStroke ™ brush technology that follows the lines and contours of an image like a real artist.

Customizable surface texturing:
It gives a level of texture and detail that no other digital painting software or photo painting tools can produce. Choose paper textures for the canvas, or create and customize your own textures to produce truly unique illustrations. The new Real Wet Oil and Real Watercolor palettes give you more options to control the canvas texture.

Smart blur effect:
The smoothed blur effect lets you quickly apply a pictorial effect to an image. By softening colors and sharp details, the smoothed blur effect softens the appearance of an image with a result similar to applying soft brush strokes.
Advance brush evolution:

Agile brush control:
Change settings, such as brush size, opacity, and angle, using interactive controls that allow you to make quick adjustments from a centralized location. Scalable resizing allows you to maintain the correct brush ratios. Use shortcuts to access brush options faster.

Optimized brush categories:
Find the right brush faster and easier than ever. The brush categories have been consolidated by families and subfamilies, giving a clear path to find the perfect brush.

Dynamic brush settings:
Mix brushstrokes better than ever with dynamic setup. New controls allow you to set the blend mode and opacity of each brush stroke, resulting in a much smoother blend. This feature, along with new airbrush variants, will especially appeal to Photoshop users.

Digital airbrushes:
With six new digital airbrushes, Painter helps you achieve impressive airbrush effects. These new airbrushes produce effects similar to the blend modes in Photoshop and work in conjunction with the new Calculated Circular brush controls. Controls let you determine how brush strokes interact with each layer of the canvas by adjusting opacity and hardness.

Gel brushes and blending modes:
New gel brushes allow you to tint the underlying color of an image with the color of the stroke color. Customize gel brushes using the new blend mode brush controls in the general brush control panel.
Supports multi-core for brushes:
Supports multi-core brush that maximizes brush performance when working on a multiprocessor PC.

Customize to your liking:
An interface update optimizes oincel selection, image browsing, libraries, color and image controls to make the workspace more intuitive and navigation faster - changes that will especially appeal to people familiar with the Adobe Photoshop environment. . This optimized approach will significantly reduce the learning curve for new users.

Brush tracking:
Customize Painter to remember your touch. Brush Tracking is an amazing feature that allows you to instantly program Painter to remember your preferred speed and brush pressure for each individual brush.

Work spaces:
New to Painter, some custom workspaces have been introduced to help artists of all backgrounds quickly become familiar with Painter.

Browser panel:
Scroll across the canvas and work with large images. Use the preview window to drag and change your focal point on the canvas, perfect for moving to a different area of ​​the image without having to change tools or adjust the zoom level. The browser panel also provides quick access to various tools, such as drawing modes, layer, vegetable paper, networking, and color management.

New image dialog box:
Now you can create custom presets, such as fabrics, colors, and paper textures, for your illustration. The new image dialog box allows you to give the image a title and select the dimensions, resolution, color, and paper texture of the canvas before you start painting or drawing.

Panel and palette behavior:
With Painter you can rearrange the panels and palettes according to the workflow. Group task-related panels on a palette, or float them in the workspace for easy access.

Color changer palette:
A useful addition, the new color changer palette appears on the screen for a quick and easy way to change the brush color. The palette stays where you need it, keeping your work area clean.

Custom palettes:
Adapt Painter to your liking. Create custom palettes for special projects and workflows that you use frequently. Once a custom palette is created, it is saved from one session for immediate and convenient access. There are no limits to the number you can create.

Transformation capabilities:
Switch between transformation modes of a centralized tool and choose whether you want to transform the entire content of a layer or the selected content, for greater speed, flexibility and precision.

Designed for unlimited experimentation:
High value, built-in content:
Painter comes with a wide range of pre-installed paper textures and brushes, such as watercolor media, acrylic paint, oil, pastel, chalk, pencil, marker, and more. Choose an existing brush or create your own to produce unique brush strokes.

High-quality display:
Get the best view. When you get closer to 100%, the high-quality display option smooths the edges of the image, allowing you to see how it will print for a clear idea of ​​the end result.

Smart composition tools:
Visually organize the canvas before drawing or painting to create perfect compositions.

World famous art styles:
Create art like your favorite muses. The Underpainting palette includes color schemes based on various art styles including Impressionist, Classic, Modern, Watercolor, Sketchbook, and Chalk Drawing. You can also match your Underpainting palette to that of any open image for consistency.

Palette Matching Effect:
Match the color and intensity between two images. Simply open an image that has your desired color scheme and use the palette matching effect to bring that color to the image you want to change.

Painter is five times faster:
Brush performance is 3 to 5 times faster, during a range of Painter tasks like opening files and docking, flipping or merging images is up to 3 times faster than the previous version.

Perfect complement to other popular programs and hardware:
Supports Adobe Photoshop:
Expand your possibilities. Painter is a powerful fit to your existing digital art software, providing a high-performance brush engine and the most realistic digital painting tools in an environment that closely reproduces the look, behavior, and results of traditional art. With Photoshop support, you can successfully preserve colors and layers when transferring files between Photoshop and Painter. Additionally, the Painter workspace offers brush blending, layers, libraries, panels, shortcuts, and image settings options that will help Photoshop users feel good.

Wacom Pen Tablet Compatibility:
Supports the entire Wacom product line. Enjoy the exceptional freedom of movement and comfort of painting in the most natural way possible.

Supports large files:
Painter supports a variety of standard file formats, including portable network graphics (PNG), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), TIFF (CMYK and RGB), Windows Bitmap (BMP), PC Paintbrush (PCX), TARGA (TGA ), GIF, JPEG, QuickTime (MOV), Video for Windows (AVI) and Corel Painter Frame (FRM) stacks. You can also save files in Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) format.

System requirements
Microsoft Windows 8.1 (64-bit) or Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit editions), with latest service packs installed
Intel Pentium 4, AMD Athlon 64 or AMD Opteron
650 MB hard disk space for application files *
Mouse or tablet
1280 x 800 screen resolution
DVD drive
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or higher
Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8 or 10.9 (with latest revision)
Intel Core 2 Duo
500 MB hard disk space for application files
Mouse or tablet
1280 x 800 screen resolution
DVD drive
Safari v5 or higher
* Additional space may be required for Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

Download Corel Painter v14.0.0.728

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