Sunday , 12 July 2020

Download Deezloader Remix v4.3.0, Download MP3 Music and High Quality FLAC

Download Deezloader Remix v4.3.0

Technical data
Deezloader Remix v4.3.0
English | 32-57 MB | Windows 10/8/7, MAC OS, Linux, Android

Deezloader Remix is ​​an improved version of Deezloader based on the Reborn branch. With this application you can download songs, playlists and albums in MP3 or FLAC format directly from the Deezer server with its cover, lyrics, labels in a unique and well packaged application.

Base features
Download MP3 and FLAC files directly from Deezer servers
Search and discover music from the application
Download music directly from a URL
Download the entire library of Artists
View your public playlist on Deezer
Tagged music files (ID3s and Vorbis comments)
Great UI and UX
Exclusive to Remix
Implementation with the Spotify APIs (without third-party services)
Improved download speed
Extensive set of options for a custom
Server mode to start the application more easily
MOAR optimizations

Version 4.3.0
Main Changes:
  + Download without logos is back!
    + You can still log in to the Settings to see your playlists
    + Option added to export ARL
  + Location support
  + Merged download from the URL tab to the Search tab
  + Improved memory usage during downloads (you can now download continuous mixes)
  + UI updated and improved
    + Better response for errors and warnings
    + Toast messages are forced to the bottom
    + Darkened darker
    + The graphics are now sorted alphabetically
    + Redesigned download tab
    + Download bars are more receptive
    + PWA metadata added for server mode
  + Modified folder management structure
    + Added option to create playlist folder
    + Template names added for playlist and artist folder

New features:
  + ID3v1 support added
  + Split options for local and integrated roof size
  + 2000 × 2000 cover option added
  + Case configuration added for title and artists
  + REST API added
  + Added Select song for Spotify playlists
  + Added support for 360 audio [No way to play them though]
  + Option added to rename the playlist file with the folder name

Error correction:
  + Finished implementing Save playlist as compilation
  + Fixed caching of artwork
  + Fixed issues with automatic login that did not work properly
  + Fixed error "ENOENT: no such file or directory exists, mkdir"
  + Fixed artist tags that were too excessive
  + Fixed explicit variable in track names
  + Fixed faults that do not work properly

Download Deezloader Remix v4.3.0


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