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Download EaseUS Backup Workstation v6.5 Multilanguage, Easy Backup For Laptops, PCs and Workstations

Download EaseUS Backup Workstation v6.5

Download EaseUS Backup Workstation v6.5

Technical data
EaseUS Backup Workstation v6.5
English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano & 日本語 | 127 MB | Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP | NFO

A highly intuitive backup and disaster recovery solution for small business users who want to recover accidentally deleted data
EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation is a practical and reliable application, designed to help users to recover their files quickly and create backup copies of their partitions.
As long as you have the corresponding image file created by EaseUS Todo Backup, all these problems will be easily solved, saving your hours of hard work to get the system running again in an instant.
Backup Creation System - Create backup copies of your system with a single click. Create backups of the entire state of the system (operating system and installed applications) on the fly without interrupting Windows work.
Cloud Copy - creates backup copies of the directory folder in the cloud and then synchronously stores the backup images to Google Drive, SkyDrive, Dropbox and so on for double data protection.
Add network connected storage - just once to add network connected storage (NAS) as the destination and enjoy the convenience of the easy backup process forever.
Differential Disk and File Backup - Capture changes made since the last full disk / partition or file backup to save disk space with the backup type display.
Flexible Backup Storage - Create backups of the system or data on a remote hard drive, external hard drive, USB drive, NAS, CD / DVD or FTP.
Take system snapshots - take a snapshot of the current system for quick recovery from a locked / failed state. For example, it can help users avoid the risk of dangerous operations or trying new applications or insecure software, with snapshots to indicate this earlier.
Scans the backup image file to restore at a granular level - scans, copies, and restores files and folders directly from a backup image in Windows Explorer.
Delete old images - automatically delete / overwrite old images based on versions or days to save disk space according to your own settings.
Schedule the current backup indicator - notify in a timely manner if your schedule is continuous and allow you to manually cancel the schedule.
Pre / Post Commands - Defines commands (scripts) to run before or after backup jobs.
Password protection for backup images - protect your backup images from unauthorized access.

Advantages of Backup
System Backup - Full system protection allows you to easily back up and fully recover your operating system when disaster strikes.
Disk Images - Quickly perform block-level disk images and efficiently back up entire disk or volumes. You can speed up the process of backing up large files by only backing up changed blocks of data instead of the entire file.
File Backup - File-level backup allows you to selectively back up specified files, folders, or different file types that include network shared files.
Outlook Email Backup - Backup all emails in Outlook Express or 2003/2007/2010 and save them in a secure way.
Scheduled Backup - Flexible backup schedule allows backups to run on a daily / weekly / monthly basis, or to be triggered by specific events (login or logout, system on or off).

Recovery Advantages
System Restore - Quickly recovers the entire Windows system backup in minutes to original or new location using Linux or WinPE boot media.
Restore system to different hardware - Restore existing system and create it in new or different hardware environment.
Floppy Disk Restore - Quickly restore what you need, recover granular files, folders, volumes or all from a single disk image.
Selective File Restore - Recovers individual files and folders from a file backup image without the need to restore a full image.
Pre-OS Recovery Environment - If your system doesn't boot, simply select EaseUS Todo Backup from the boot menu to launch Pre-OS and then recover your system.

Special benefits
Migration and Clone - Quickly, easily, and safely migrate your system to an SSD or larger hard drive for disk replacement or upgrade.
Backup Management - Easy to handle backup job and automatically delete old dated backup images to save storage space.
Virtualization Support - Supports P2V copying, P2V recovery, and can convert the physical image format (.pdb) to the virtual image format (.vmdk or .vhd).
Search and mount backup - Search the backup with Windows Explorer and simply copy and paste files / folders. Mount the disk image as a drive and then copy the files / folders off of it.
GPT / UEFI compliant - Create a support de démarrage based on the WinPE pour votre système de Windows 64-bit résidant dans GPT in order to démarrer the PC recovery from GPT in case of emergence.

Download EaseUS Backup Workstation v6.5

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