Download KineMaster v4.7.1.11831.GP Multilanguage, A Simple but Powerful Video Editing Tool

Download KineMaster v4.7.1.11831.GP

Download KineMaster v4.7.1.11831

Technical data
KineMaster v4.7.1.11831.GP Multilanguage
Spanish | APK | 49.6 MB | Android 4.1+

KineMaster is a video editing tool that combines a comfortable interface and a lot of simplicity of use, with a wide range of features and a lot of power to create the videos we want exactly as we want.
Using KineMaster is very simple: we will only have to choose the multimedia content that we will add to our video, in the order that we want it to be displayed, and give a title to the final composition. Once this is done we can choose a general theme for our video, which will mark its introduction. Only with this we will have our video ... although of course, we can also start editing in depth.
Although not much more complicated, KineMaster users can also choose to edit the video directly from the timeline. Doing this they will be able to add different types of transitions between the fragments of the video (be they photos or video), and even put text blocks or subtitles.
When finishing the edition KineMaster will allow us to save our project in the memory of our terminal in different qualities. In addition, of course, we can upload the video directly to our Facebook or our Youtube account.
KineMaster is a simple but powerful video editing tool that, although it will allow us to create a video in seconds, will also give us the possibility of creating something very elaborate if we dedicate more time to it.

-Multiple layers of video, images, effects, overlays, stickers, text or writing.
-Download more effects, music without canon, overlays, stickers and more through the KineMaster Asset Store.
-Precise cut frame by frame.
-Preview at the time of any edition.
-Color Control, Brightness and Saturation.
-Audio filters, including change of voice tones.
-Effects like Blur, mosaic and others.
-Many animation styles.
-Clip speed control.
-Envelope volume (precise control second by second within the clip).
-Transition effects (3D transitions, sweeps, shadows and more).
-Great variety of themes, animations and audio and video effects.
-Share on YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Dropbox and others.
-Recording video and audio in real time.
Your comments and suggestions help us to continue improving KineMaster. Please join the KineMaster User Community to share your ideas:

KineMaster requires access to the phone's camera and microphone to record video or sound directly with the App. KineMaster also requires access to the phone's memory to save the projects you are working on (the projects are saved in an external folder called "KineMaster" so you don't lose all the work if you reinstall the App or delete data).
KineMaster is a subscription service, which you can use as a trial without subscription. In trial mode, KineMaster is free for unlimited personal use, but displays the “Made with KineMaster” watermark on all videos. You have monthly or annual subscriptions that can be purchased within the App. In addition to removing the watermark, subscribers benefit from premium content downloadable from the Asset Store, including visual effects, overlays, free and free professional music and much, with new added resources often. Subscription automatically renews monthly (annually if you choose discounted annual subscription) unless you cancel it on the Play Store.

Download KineMaster v4.7.1.11831

KineMaster + Muserk (free for personal use - no watermark)
Use one of the free and royalty-free music tracks available in the Asset Store, and the watermark will disappear from your videos when you share on Youtube (for personal use only - not commercial). For details go to the Music section of the Asset Store.

Operating Systems and Devices
KineMaster works on most devices with Android 4.1.2 or higher, but you will have a better user experience if you use devices with SoC video decoding capabilities. See here for details:
-MP4 (H.264 Base / Main / High profile + AAC LC / PCM)
-3GP (H.264 Base / Main / High profile + AAC LC / PCM)
-MOV (H.264 Base / Main / High profile + AAC LC / PCM)
-GIF (static image only)
Video Export:
- MP4 with H.264 + AAC LC (H.264 profile depends on the device)

Download KineMaster v4.7.1.11831

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