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Download KMPlayer v3.9.1.133 (KMP Plus) Multilanguage, Powerful Audio and Video Player

Download KMPlayer v3.9.1.133

Download KMPlayer v3.9.1.133

Technical data
KMPlayer v3.9.1.133 (KMP Plus) Multilanguage
Spanish Incl. | 34.29 MB | WinALL

KMP is a versatile media player with support for many types of video and audio formats.
You will be able to play any multimedia file without installing any additional codec, since KMP has its own internal codecs, although you can also use external codecs if you wish. Using internal codecs it is possible to enable additional functions such as audio filters for AAC, OGG, etc. formats. KMP has support for all the codecs included in ffdshow. KMP is ideal for users who do not want to install more than the player without the inconvenience of installing codecs for each format. Processing using internal codecs also increases performance on computers with limited resources.

These are some of the key features of "KMPlayer"
Compatible files or devices:
HTTP transmission (AVI etc., including media files without transmission)
Reproduction of Directshow (avi, mkv etc.)
Real Engine + Directshow (requires Real Player or Alternative)
QuickTime Engine + Directshow (requires QuickTime or Alternative player)
MPlayer Engine Compatibility
Winamp input plugin support (decoder)
Compatibility with compressed audio album (zip, rar)
Audio CD (2000, XP / Win9x only - Winamp plugin compatible)
Video CD / SVCD / XCD: CDXA format (2000, XP only)
DVD playback
DTS Wave and AC3 files
Compatibility with WDM devices like TV or camera
CD image file (BIN / ISO / IMG / NRG); NRG needs mplayer.dll
Shoutcast (even NSV)
AAC parser / decoder, OGG
Shockwave Flash / FLC / FLI
Ape / MPC / FLAC / Module etc.
Various image files like png, gif etc.
Incomplete / corrupted AVI file (skip corrupted frames)
Media files blocked when downloading or sharing
Integrated codecs / filters:
Video codec
MPEG4 (DivX / Xvid: ffmpeg / xvid)
MPEG1 / 2 (ffmpeg / libmpeg)
etc. (ffmpeg)
Audio codec
AC3 / DTS / LPCM / MPG / MP3 / OGG / AAC / WMA
Expansion from 2 channels to multiple channels
External codec
Medium priority to connect between Directshow, Real, QT, Winamp and MPlayer
Custom filter manager
System filter manager
Winamp input plugins
Winamp DSP plugins (can be stacked)
Winamp visual plugins (can be stacked)
General Winamp plugins (compatibility with the Multimedia Library etc.)
KMP Video Plugins by SDK (Stackable)
DScaler filter support (can be stacked)

Change History
+ KMP Connect added
+ Added Win-Eyes TTS function (English, Korean) for the visually impaired
+ Added BDA (HDTV)
+ Video screen capture can now have user add their own logos
+ FTPopen allopen feature added
+ Languages ​​Sinhalese, Norwegian added
- Buffer overflow security vulnerability fixed
- Video speedup noise error bug fixed
- Subtitle editor font error bug fixed
- Subtitle font rendering problem fixed
- Audio visualization error fixed
- KMPcfg.ini save, config error fixed
- RubyTag subtitle special character error fixed
- Shortcut key errors fixed

Download KMPlayer v3.9.1.133

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