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Download MxGeo Pro v5.5.5 World atlas & map Multilanguage, World Atlas and World Map

Download MxGeo Pro v5.5.5

Download MxGeo Pro v5.5.5

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World atlas & map MxGeo Pro v5.5.5 Multilanguage
Spanish | APK | 59 MB | Android 4.1+

World atlas, world map and geography educational game. More than 240 countries, states and territories of the world with complete economic data and detailed political maps with regional divisions.
Designed for smartphones and tablets.

• Flags, economic data and offline maps for more than 240 countries and territories of the world
• Interactive maps of the world and continents
• Country comparison and favorites list
• Historical maps of all continents and the world around 1900 and 1960
• World clock
• Interactive rotating globe
• Knowledge games about world geography
• World - Explorer: the smallest, largest, richest, and most populous countries in the world
• Relief maps of the world and continents
• Choropleth map: GDP, area, HDI, population, ...
• All data and maps included, no online connection required
• Without advertising or In App Purchases
• No permits required
Explore the world, Europe, Asia, Oceania, North America, South America and Africa, through the map of the continent and the country. See the position of each country on the virtual world globe (world map). Choose your favorite color for the maps.
Do you know the flag of Mauritius? Yes? Super. Do you know what country Mount Everest is in? With Learning Games for the acquisition of geographic education in a playful way. Seven geography games to test your knowledge of geography:
• Test your knowledge of the capitals of the countries of the world.
• Guess the correct country based on the map and flag.
• Do you know the top level domains of the countries of the world?
• Guess the country marked on the virtual world globe
• Do you know the ISO country codes of the world?
• Guess the country's flag
• Check your knowledge of world summits
Each quiz offers regional variants: World, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, North or South America.
This educational app is fun for everyone whether children, adults or seniors and teachers.
World Atlas with statistical data, such as population growth, unemployment rate, median age, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by sector and other key figures.
Enjoy our World Atlas with Europe, Asia, North America, Africa, Oceania and South America with all countries and regional units, capitals and flags. World Almanac for your next stay abroad or to explore the world only virtually.

Download MxGeo Pro v5.5.5

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