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Download Phoenix OS v3.0.8 Multilanguage, An Android Based Operating System

Download Phoenix OS v3.0.8

Download Phoenix OS v3.0.8

Technical data
Phoenix OS v3.0.8
Spanish Incl. | ISO | EXE | 876 MB | 32-bit & 64-bit

PhoenixOS is another project to transfer the power of Android to the world of the desktop and PCs with multiple windows. We have a complete system of folders, windows, copy and paste, connection with accessories, file transfers ... everything that we usually ask of a system like Windows or MacOSX, but based on Android. And unlike Remix OS, in Phoenix they seem more focused on the software branch than on exploring additional avenues.

The x86 version of the Phoenix system can be run on Intel x86 processor CPU devices, can be installed and run from the hard drive and does not affect the original file system.
Recommended PC Configuration
Computers with Intel x86 processor of the last five years and memory of 2G or more.

How to install
Download the Phoenix OS (x86) operating system installer, double click on install the program under Windows environment, in the run interface select create installation USB disk or install on the hard disk. Click to see the installation tutorial.

Although installation on the hard disk does not affect the original data, it is recommended to make backup copies.
It is recommended for use on computers with Intel Atom processors, as they offer greater compatibility with applications.
If you plan to install on a USB disk, we recommend that it be high performance and that the capacity is greater than 6G. Low-speed USB drives can slow your system and affect the experience.
In case of problems you can visit our forum or help center or to find the solution or leave your messages or queries.
The x86 version of the Phoenix System was made possible by the open source Android x86 project.
The Phoenix system installer uses grub4dos, for which we express our appreciation. The ISO allows running in Live CD or install mode from system startup.

Changelog - Phoenix OS x86 v3.0.8 (based on Android 7.1.64bit) 23 Jan.
Fixed the problem that some devices will restart when they are in standby
Optimized wireless network adapter driver for improved stability and compatibility
Optimized VIP services

Download Phoenix OS v3.0.8

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