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Download Remix OS v3.0.207 Multilanguage, A Complete Android Operating System for PC

Download Remix OS v3.0.207

Download Remix OS v3.0.207

Technical data
Remix OS v3.0.207 Multilanguage
Spanish Incl. | ISO | 1.1 GB | 32-bit & 64-Bit | RemixOS Player

Remix OS is an operating system that aims to bring the Android experience to desktops by adapting its environment to PC standards. Based on the Android-x86 project, it is capable of running a complete operating system from which to launch apps and take advantage of the features of the Google ecosystem.
Its interface offers a multitasking desktop with support for several overlapping windows, as well as a task bar very similar to the one we can find in Windows 10 and a revision of the notifications tab. It even allows you to right-click on the elements to open context menus, in addition to associating by default the majority of special accesses of our physical keyboard. All this without neglecting all the native features and configuration elements of the Android system itself and its integration with our Gmail account. The operating system can be installed from a USB drive that also allows it to be run as a LiveCD externally. Likewise, it can coexist on the same computer with other operating systems, enabling a selection menu during machine startup.

Remix OS is an interesting alternative that goes one step further than mere simulations like Bluestacks, allowing to improve performance on humble computers as well as offering an alternative boot to be able to use Android applications with a performance superior in many aspects to that of a mobile terminal.

Download Remix OS v3.0.207

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