Monday , 25 May 2020

Download Send Anywhere (File Transfer) v8.10.5 Multilanguage (Spanish), Send and Backup Your Files Safely – Android

Download Send Anywhere

Download Send Anywhere

Technical data
Send Anywhere (File Transfer) v8.10.5 Multilanguage
Spanglish | APK | 11 MB | Android 4.2+ 

Send Anywhere is a tool that will allow us to backup any type of file that we have in our terminal, so that it can be downloaded from other devices.
Users can make backup copies of any type of file: from photographs and videos, to the files of other applications that we have installed in the Android terminal. We will only have to select them and, in a matter of seconds, they will begin to rise to the cloud.
Once the chosen files are uploaded to the cloud, we can share them in many different ways. The two simplest ways are through the QR code that we can generate, and through the special download code that we can quickly send to any contact.
The best thing about sending files using these codes (One Time Key) is that once they are used, they will no longer be valid. That is, with them, only the exact user to whom we send the password can download the files.
Send Anywhere is a very useful tool for making backup copies, which offers a very versatile way of sending files to the people we want.

▶ Features
• Transfer any type of file without altering the original
• All you need is a 6-digit password for easy file transfer
• Wi-Fi Direct: transfer without using data or the Internet
• Share links easily in all social media and messaging apps
• Reinforced file encryption (256 bits)
▶ When to use the File Transfer app!
• When moving photos, videos and music to your PC!
• When you have no data or a slow internet connection
• At any time you want to send files in an instant!

Download Send Anywhere

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