Friday , 5 June 2020

Download USB Image Tool v1.67, Always Keep a Copy of your Portable Memory

Download USB Image Tool

Download USB Image Tool

Technical data
USB Image Tool v1.67
English | 271 KB | WinXP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1

Your USB Flash drives safe
Keys, USB keychains or pendrive, no matter what you call them but they are in your pocket wherever you go. It is always good to have a USB key with you, especially to exchange music, photos and other files with friends. You can even do it using your mobile or your MP3 player of a lifetime.
What we usually do in these situations is "use and delete" the information they contain, losing the data. If at least you had a backup at home, it would cost you nothing to recover your music, photos and more once the new data has been transferred.

This is precisely the purpose of the USB Image Tool, an application capable of generating images from your USB devices. Thus, you can restore the disk image you need at any time. For example, in the case of an audio player, you can create disk images with various styles of music, and in one click restore the one you want.

It is tremendously easy to use. It automatically recognizes the flash devices connected to your computer, scans them and then leaves it up to you to create a backup copy or, if you prefer, restore another disk image. It is a good idea to keep saving the precious content of your USB keys.

Recent changes
USB Image Tool 1.67
added: rescan on media insertion / removal for card readers
added: show hardware id string (vendor & product id) & volume serial
added: volume tags for file name suggestions
fixed: error messages sometimes didn’t show Windows last error code

Download USB Image Tool

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