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Download Vivaldi v2.8.1664.44 Multilanguage (Spanish), The Browser that puts you in control

Download Vivaldi v2.8.1664.44

Download Vivaldi v2.8.1664.44

Technical data
Vivaldi v2.8.1664.44 Multilanguage
Spanish Incl. | 54 MB | 56 MB | WIN / MAC / LiNUX

If you are one of those who think that the Opera browser no longer has the spirit of yesteryear, perhaps you are glad to know that its creator, Jon von Tetzchner is now back in charge with the new Vivaldi web browser with the aim of recovering the original essence and many of the ideas and functions that characterized Opera.
Like Opera, Vivaldi also uses a Chromium-based engine but with some peculiarities that make this browser unique. The user interface is quite intuitive although its range of possibilities is designed to satisfy the most advanced users. With a menu button in the upper left corner that will help us access multiple options and navigate through the tabs and windows that we have open, Vivaldi does not want to leave anything unattended. In the lower right corner we have by default some options that will help us on the one hand to modify the zoom of the page and on the other hand to hide the images and speed up web browsing through the different portals.
It has an integrated search bar to save us the entrance to the google search engine, although we can also search directly through the address bar. Some of the most promising features are currently running at medium gas or directly blocked. One of them is the future email client that is currently not activated.
From the configuration panel, which we can easily access through a button, we can modify various settings, among which the shortcut menu via keyboard stands out to access menus and options in a faster and faster way. In addition, almost all the parameters will be configurable to leave visible only those elements that we want to keep and that in this way hinder us as little as possible during the time we surf the Internet.

It is your website. Navigate it as you want
You spend a lot of time browsing. You deserve a browser that is personal, useful and flexible. You deserve to have Vivaldi that's why we created it for you. Have fun!
A million ways to customize everything
We are all unique and we want different things. The Vivaldi browser allows you to do things your way, adapting to you and not vice versa. Do you prefer the tabs at the bottom or on the side of the window? Do you prefer the address bar in another position? Go ahead, customize your preferences, be they keyboard shortcuts, mouse gestures, appearance or endless other possibilities.

Write notes
Have you found the perfect date for your work or article? Copy that text to the notes panel, adding the link at the same time. Add a screenshot, in case you change the page in the future
Stacked and mosaic tabs
Do you tend to have many tabs open in the browser? Organize them using Eyelash Stacking. This feature allows you to group multiple tabs into one. Just drag one tab to another to group them. With Eyelash Stacking, you can display multiple tabs from side to side or in a grid. Through multiple Stackings of grouped Tabs you have multiple workspaces between which you can alternate with a simple click. More power for you!
Are you a keyboard addict? Then you will love Vivaldi. Shortcuts allow you to search through open tabs, bookmarks, history, settings and much more with a simple keyboard shortcut. The shortcut menu is fully customizable, allowing you to create your own key combination and use it immediately.

Download Vivaldi v2.8.1664.44

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