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Download Windows 8 Manager v2.1.1, Maintenance and Optimization Kit for Windows 8

Download Windows 8 Manager v2.1.1

Download Windows 8 Manager v2.1.1

Technical data
Windows 8 Manager v2.1.1
English | 10.5 MB | 32-bit & 64-bit | NFO

Maintenance and optimization kit for Windows 8
Windows 8 Manager is the first suite of tools to optimize your brand new Windows 8. It includes a lot of configuration options and utilities to clean the disk, uninstall programs, repair the registry, etc.
All Windows 8 Manager features are displayed in a central pane, categorized according to their primary task: system information, cleanup, optimization, customization, security, miscellaneous settings and utilities.
When opening each one, the program will show its options on the right side or open a new window, if convenient. The cleaning wizards of Windows 8 Manager are very useful, as they carry out their processes in an orderly and transparent manner.
Windows 8 Manager is a good maintenance and cleaning program. However, we feel quite disappointed because optimization for Windows 8 is little less than a placebo: its creators have really given a facelift to their tool for Windows 7, obviating the new features of this system.
In any case, Windows 8 Manager fulfills its function and is ahead of competitors like TuneUp.

Recent changes
Windows 8 Manager v2.1.1 released! (07/19/2014)
Add the tweak “Always Open New Desktop Apps Instance from Start Screen” in Customize System section.
Optimization Wizard updated to v2.5
Computer Manager updated to v1.8
Perfect the High DPI UI icon for System Information, Repair Center, Startup Manager, Registry Cleaner, Service Manager.

Download Windows 8 Manager v2.1.1

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