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Download Windows MiniOS v2017.04 (XP 7 Server 2003)

Download Windows MiniOS

Download Windows MiniOS

Technical data
Windows MiniOS v2017.04
Spanish | ISO | Booteable | 980 MB | 314 MB | 506 MB | Author: Daniel Rodriguez Montano | March 31, 2017

I decided to create my own unattended Windows XP because I never found one that had my demands, over time the name and appearance was changing until I reached the current one, called MiniOS; Mini of small and OS of Operate System (Operating System) since this is the idea, make a Mini Operating System that was small, fast, attractive and at the same time has the same hardware compatibility as the original. Over time it has evolved, I never wanted to force anyone to use something they don't want, so I don't include anything additional beyond the extras, each one is free to choose what software to use. With time, needs, ideas, and cooperation of many we have the current version, I hope you like it.
Info of each Windows: Windows MiniOS-Desktop.pdf | Windows MiniOS-Server.pdf | Windows7 MiniOS.pdf

The appearance consists of two flat color themes, one "Blue" by default and a "Dark" or dark version that you can select alternately, these themes are a fork made by me. The icons will be the same as Windows 10. I also included an Extras Pack that the user can optionally use, this can be found in Start, All Programs, MiniOS_Extras, there you will see different applications that you can use, such as a Dock or Bar, Aero Theme, Quick Notes, WinFlip, Thumbnails in the Taskbar, among others.
I do not include more themes or wallpapers to not grow the ISO more than necessary.

Components, services and applications were eliminated, because they are obsolete or because they are unnecessary for most users, helping to improve the use of disk space, speed, system resource consumption, services were optimized, among Other changes Apart from what was removed I always looked for this system to maintain the same hardware compatibility as the original XP SP3.
NOTE: To install from USB I recommend the Rufus found in the ISO, although other softwares can be used for it, if I have any problem then do it in the classic way, burn a CD, XP is obsolete, some BIOS does not allow its boot, This is not a problem with MiniOS, but with XP in general.
NOTE: If it is to be installed in a virtual machine I recommend using VirtualBox, VMWare by default does not use the settings applied in any Unattended Windows if it is configured at startup. If VMWare is not used to set the ISO when we create the machine, we do it after it is created so that it installs correctly.
This Windows is not only for computers with few resources, you can use it on a good computer too, it is true that it is small, it has the same hardware compatibility as the original XP.
I want to let you know that the MiniOS is used in business environments too, there is no problem in it, it is perfectly compatible with all the hardware that XP SP3 original, so if you want to use it in an environment beyond the personal you can do it without risk any.
System Requirements
Pentium 233 MHz or higher processor (preferably 300 HMz).
Minimum 64 MB of RAM (preferably 128 MB).
Minimum 1.5 GB of available hard disk space.
CD-ROM or DVD-ROM reader.
Microsoft keyboard and mouse or any other compatible device.
Graphics card and Super VGA resolution monitor (800 × 600) or higher.
Sound card.

Download Windows MiniOS

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