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Download Windows Server Build 17134.1 RS4 MSDN Spanish (March 2018)

Download Windows Server Build 17134.1

Download Windows Server Build 17134.1

Technical data
Windows Server 1803 Spanish
Spanish | ISO | VLSC / MSDN / VOLUME | 2.99 GB | 2.82 GB | Updated March 2018 | 64-Bits

Build your future with Windows Server
No matter where you want to take your organization, make it happen with Windows Server, the operating system that innovates at the pace of your business. Run your Windows Server on-premises or cloud workloads with Azure.
Windows Server and Azure: better together
Only Microsoft offers the technology solutions you need in on-premises and cloud environments.
Spend less time running infrastructure
Move your skills and workloads from Windows Server to Azure for cloud efficiency and agility.
Add hybrid capabilities
Integrate local Windows Server workloads with Azure services such as backup and archive, disaster recovery, and more.
Use existing licenses to save to Azure
Azure Hybrid Advantage for Windows Server makes Azure the most cost-effective cloud for Windows Server workloads.
The new
Server Core container images
As part of the update, Microsoft has reduced the Server Core base container image by 30 percent from that of version 1709 and improved application compatibility. So for those who containerize existing applications, these small updates should make the process a bit more streamlined and efficient.
Curl, Tar, and SSH support
Windows Server version 1803 also includes support for Curl.exe, Tar.exe, and SSH tools. This is meant to complement PowerShell, especially when it comes to building and debugging scenarios.
Windows Subsystem for Linux
Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) has been updated to enable server administrators to use the tools and scripts available from Linux on Windows Server. Additional improvements such as Background tasks, DriveFS, and WSLPath are also included in the latest version of Windows Server.
Container networking enhancements
When it comes to container networking, Microsoft is trying to improve the experience by adding localhost and HTTP proxy support while simultaneously improving the scalability of containers and startup time.
Kubernetes features in Windows Server version 1803
With Windows Server version 1803, Microsoft is also working with the Kubernetes community to include more of the Kubernetes feature set and ecosystem in Windows Server. These additions include two additional storage plugins that enable persistent storage for Windows containers orchestrated by Kubernetes, cloud-scale networking features, and Windows platform support for Hyper-V isolated Pods.

System requirements
64-bit 1.4 GHz processor
Compatible with x64 instruction set
Supports DEP and NX
Supports CMPXCHG16b, LAHF / SAHF and PrefetchW
Supports second level address translation (EPT or NPT)
Coreinfo is a tool that you can use to confirm which of these functions your CPU has.
Listed below are the estimated RAM requirements for this product:
512 MB (2 GB for the Desktop Experience Server installation option)
ECC (error correction code) type or similar technology
Disk space and storage controller requirements
Computers running Windows Server 2016 must include a storage adapter that is compliant with the PCI Express architecture specification. Persistent storage devices on servers classified as hard drives must not be PATA. Windows Server 2016 does not support ATA, PATA, IDE, and EIDE for boot, page, or data drives.
The following are the estimated minimum disk space requirements for the system partition.
Minimum: 32 GB
Network adapter requirements
The network adapters used with this release should include these features:
An Ethernet adapter with at least gigabit throughput capacity.
Compatible with the PCI Express architecture specification.
Supports pre-boot runtime environment (PXE).
A network adapter that supports network debugging (KDNet) is useful, but not a minimum requirement.
Other requirements
Computers running this version must also have the following:
DVD drive (if you need to install the operating system via DVD)
The following elements are not strictly mandatory, but are necessary for some features:
UEFI 2.3.1c based system and firmware supporting secure boot
Secure platform module
Graphics and monitor device that supports Super VGA (1024 x 768) or higher resolution
Microsoft® keyboard and mouse (or other compatible pointing device)
Internet access (applicable fees may apply)

Download Windows Server Build 17134.1

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