Thursday , 16 July 2020

Download Word Magic Professional Suite Premier v7.0 Spanish, Powerful Proof Everything Translator

Download Word Magic Professional

Download Word Magic Professional

Technical data
Word Magic Professional Suite Premier 7.0
346 MB | Spanish, English | NFO

A package of y cream and cream ’, chosen by hand; the best of the best.
All our premium products for translation in a single stylized package designed to address any type of need and any type of user: A Translator with Interactive capabilities, a Professional Dictionary, Visual and Voice Aids to assist in the selection of the best translation and Once you save time and effort, a PopUp (Automatic Appearance) query tool, a Dictionary Plug-In for use in MS Office and three of our excellent technical compendiums. Just sit behind the wheel and feel it purr ...

It includes
Translator Professional Plus
Dictionary & Tools Professional
Complete Add-ons Pack
Dictionary & Tools for Microsoft® Office
Three Technical Dictionaries:
Business and Finance
Information Technology

Intel® Pentium® III or equivalent processor
Microsoft® Windows® 7 or better
512MB of RAM (1GB recommended)
Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 7 or better
To run the program under Mac OS X, we recommend using a program called Parallels. You can also install VirtualBox or VMware Fusion and install a copy of Microsoft® Windows® on them.
For Microsoft® Office Plugins: Microsoft® Office 2003, Microsoft® Office 2007, Microsoft® Office 2010 or Microsoft® Office 2013

Download Word Magic Professional


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