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Download Xpadder v2014.07.01 Retail Multilanguage, Use the Control of your Console to Play from the PC

Download Xpadder v2014.07.01 Retail

Download Xpadder v2014.07.01 Retail

Technical data
Xpadder v2014.07.01 Multilanguage
Spanish Incl. | Retail | 34 MB | Tutorial + Video | WinALL | NFO

Xpadder simulates keyboard and mouse with gamepad
Using the mouse and keyboard to play from the PC is not always the most comfortable, depending on what type of game it is. For this there is Xpadder, a controller that will allow you to use a controller for games that do not have default support.

And they are not few, there are a good handful of PC games that do not provide support for a gamepad. There are also games for DOS in Windows environment, emulators and even games that we can find from the Internet, made with Shockwave or Flash.

Xpadder will simulate mouse movements and keystrokes through your controller, including vibration-ready controls. Finally, it is worth noting the possibility of configuring multiple player profiles and the support for left-handers.

Full keyboard and mouse emulation
Rumble compatibility with enabled drivers
Constantly updated driver database
Multiple Profile Management
Advanced setting options
Low memory and CPU usage
Xpadder does not work in some online multiplayer games, due to incompatibilities with certain Anti-Cheat programs. For this reason, GameGuard blocks Xpadder.

Download Xpadder v2014.07.01 Retail

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