Sunday , 12 July 2020

Download VMware Workstation Pro v12.5.7-5813279 (WINLiNUXMAC) + LiTE, Multiple Operating Systems Running on your Computer

vmware workstation pro

Download VMware Workstation Pro Technical dataVMware Workstation Pro v12.5.7-5813279English | 385 MB | 444 MB | 444 MB | Windows, Linux, Mac | 64 Bits | NFO DescriptionHave several operating systems on a PC, ideal for testing new windowsVMware Workstation is, without a doubt, a powerful utility that allows the incredible, to ensure that you can have several operating systems …

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Download The Battles in the Desert, José Emilio Pacheco (AudioBook)

the battles in the desert audiobook

Download The Battles Technical dataThe Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (AudioBook)MP3 (AudioBook) | Spanish | 104 MB | 1 Hour 17 Min | José Emilio PachecoDescriptionStory of an impossible love, THE BATTLES IN THE DESERT is a masterful short novel that involves other aspects such as social and political corruption, the beginning of modern Mexico and the disappearance of the …

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Download The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (AudioBook)

the little prince audiobook

Download The Little Prince Technical dataThe Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (AudioBook)MP3 (AudioBook) + Video | Spanish | 627 MB | 1 Hour 30 Min | Antoine de Saint-Exupéry DescriptionI lived like this, alone, with no one to talk to truly, until I had a breakdown in the Sahara desert, six years ago. Something had broken in my engine. And …

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Download The Art of Amar, Erich Frömm (AudioBook)

the art of amar audiobook

Download The Art of Amar Technical dataThe Art of Amar, Erich Frömm (AudioBook)MP3 (AudioBook) | Spanish | 55 MB | 40 min. | Erich Frömm DescriptionThe art of love is a work with which Erich Fromm has helped several generations to reflect on love and answer some seemingly simple questions: what does it mean to love? How to get rid …

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Download The Art of Being Happy, Arthur Schopenhauer (AudioBook)

the art of being happy audiobook

Download The Art of Technical dataThe Art of Being Happy, Arthur Schopenhauer (AudioBook)MP3 (AudioBook) | Spanish | 119 MB | 2 Hours 10 Min. | Arthur Schopenhauer DescriptionIt is surprising that 140 years after Schopenhauer's death there are still unpublished texts of his work and of such value as those that, in a meticulous and almost detective work, reconstitute the …

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Download Affirmations Louise L. Hay (AudioBook)

affirmations audiobook

Download Affirmations Louise L. Technical dataAffirmations (Personal Growth), Louise L. Hay (AudioBook)MP3 (AudioBook) | Spanish | 82 MB | 1 hour | Louise L. There DescriptionPositive affirmations are an immense source of personal power. Through them we can change and improve any aspect of our life. Every thought and word we speak is an affirmation. Even the conversations we have …

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Download Live Louise L. Hay (AudioBook)

live audiobook

Download Live Louise L Technical data¡Vivir !, Louise L. Hay (AudioBook)MP3 (AudioBook) | Spanish | 347 MB ​​| 4 Hours 13 min | Louise L. There DescriptionFew words are as welcome as those that once gave us the possibility of making the passage from darkness to light and fullness. We have carried out the mental changes of people who have …

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Download Thoughts of the Heart, Louise Hay (AudioBook)

thoughts of the heart audio book

Download Thoughts of the Technical dataThoughts of the Heart, Louise Hay (AudioBook)MP3 (AudioBook) | Spanish | 172 MB | 3 Hours 16 min | Louise Hay DescriptionThis Audiobook is a combination of meditations, spiritual treatments and excerpts from my lectures, all focused on our daily experiences and compiled with the intention of being a guide and help in certain situations …

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Download Good luck Keys to Prosperity, Álex Rovira Celma (AudioBook)

good luck prosperity audio book

Download Good luck Keys Technical dataGood luck. Keys to Prosperity, Álex Rovira Celma (AudioBook)MP3 (AudioBook) + PDF (eBook) | Spanish | 77 MB | 1 Hour 28 min | Alex Rovira Celma DescriptionA long time ago, in a distant kingdom, Merlin summoned all the knights of the kingdom and told them: «in seven nights, the Four Leaf Magic Clover, the …

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