Sunday , 5 July 2020

Download SONY Vegas PRO v13.0.453 Multilanguage, Create HD Videos, Audios and Blu-ray Discs

Download SONY Vegas PRO

Download SONY Vegas PRO Technical dataSONY Vegas PRO v13.0.453 MultilanguageDE, ES, FR, EN, JP | 403 MB | 64-Bit | Win 7/8 / 8.1 | NFO DescriptionVegas Pro provides an efficient, intuitive and integrated content creation environment for video and television professionals. Now with accelerated GPU performance with OpenCL-compliant devices, Vegas Pro powers video rendering and rendering tasks with ease. …

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Download AKVIS Plugins Bundle 2015 for Adobe Photoshop (WIN-MAC)

Download AKVIS Plugins

Download AKVIS Plugins Technical dataAKVIS Plugins Bundle 2015 for Adobe Photoshop (WIN-MAC)English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Russian | 3.7 GB | Win / MAC DescriptionAKVIS specializes in graphic programs and scientific research. The company was founded in 2004 by professionals who had considerable experience in programming and software development.Since its opening, the company has launched a series of …

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Download Resource Hacker v4.1.20 RC3, Tool to View, Extract, Add and Modify Executables (EXE)

Download Resource Hacker

Download Resource Hacker Technical dataResource Hacker v4.1.20 RC3English | 4.18 MB | WinALL DescriptionResource Hacker is a utility designed to view, extract, add and modify executables (.EXE, .DLL, .CPL, .OCX, .RES) both compiled and uncompiled.Resource Hacker is useful for extracting resources such as icons, cursors, menus, etc. modify and replace them with others, as long as the new element respects …

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Download Maple 2015.1 Multilanguage, Complete Tool for Mathematical Calculations

Download Maple 2015.1

Download Maple 2015.1 Technical dataMaple 2015.1 MultilanguageSpanish Incl. | 768 MB | Win 2008/7/2012 / 8.1 (32-bit & 64-bit) DescriptionMaple is a powerful and very complete application with which you can perform any type of mathematical operation, however complicated it may be, in a matter of seconds. Maple is relatively simple to use, with a very intuitive interface: in it …

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Download Universal Extractor v1.6.1 R9 Multilanguage, Unzip Any File

Download Universal Extractor v1.6.1

Download Universal Extractor v1.6.1 Technical dataUniversal Extractor v1.6.1 R9 MultilanguageSpanish Incl. | 10.40 MB DescriptionUniversal Extractor is a program that in theory should extract files from any file, not only from compressed ones like ZIP, but from installation programs or even from a Windows Installer (MSI) package.All in all, Universal Extractor is not intended to replace common decompression programs like …

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Download ACDSee Pro v8.2.287 Ultimate v8.2.406, Professional Image Viewer

Download ACDSee Pro v8.2.287

Download ACDSee Pro v8.2.287 Technical dataACDSee Pro v8.2.287 / Ultimate v8.2.406English | Spanish (Zacarino Translation) | 78 MB | 63 MB | 74 MB | 32-Bit & 64-Bit | Win 7/8 | NFO DescriptionTalking about ACDSee is talking about the most versatile and complete image viewer on the market.It would take a long time to name all its possibilities, so …

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Download AllFusion ERWin Data Modeler v7.3.8.2235 SP2 + ERwin Validator v7.3.0.5740, The Complete Solution for Data Modeling

Download AllFusion ERWin Data

Download AllFusion ERWin Data Technical dataAllFusion ERWin Data Modeler v7.3.8.2235 SP2 / v4.1.4.4467 SP5English | 458 MB | WinALL DescriptionAllFusion ERwin Data Modeler is a database design tool that helps users design, build, and maintain high-quality, high-performance database applications. AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler allows the user to visualize the correct structure, key elements and the optimized design of their database, …

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Download AllFusion ERwin Process Modeler (BPwin) v7.3.8.2196 SP2, Managing Business Processes

Download AllFusion ERwin

Download AllFusion ERwin Technical dataAllFusion ERwin Process Modeler (BPwin) v7.3.8.2196 SP2 / v4.1.4.1115.SP4 / v4.1.4.1167.SP5English | 236 MB | WinALL DescriptionBPwin is a powerful modeling tool used to analyze, document and improve our organization's business processes (activities). BPwin will allow us to clearly document the most important elements of our organization such as what activities are necessary, how they are …

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Download Corel PaintShop Pro X7 v17.3.0.30 SP3 Multilanguage, The Best Photo Editor

Download Corel PaintShop Pro X7

Download Corel PaintShop Pro X7 Technical dataCorel PaintShop Pro X7 v17.3.0.30 Service Pack 3 MultilanguageSpanish Incl. | 431 MB DescriptionComplete photo editing softwareCreate your best photos with the new Corel® PaintShop® Pro X7. This complete photo editing software is based on a new and efficient 64-bit architecture and offers more speed than ever. Turn your snapshots into beautiful gallery-worthy images …

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Download SPSS Statistics v23.0.0 Multilanguage, Statistical Analysis Software

Download SPSS Statistics v23.0.0

Download SPSS Statistics v23.0.0 Technical dataSPSS Statistics v23.0.0 MultilanguageSpanish Incl. | ~ 732 MB | 32 Bits & 64 Bits | WIN DescriptionIBM SPSS Statistics is a comprehensive dataset and predictive analytics tools easy to use for business users, analysts, and statistical programmers.IBM SPSS Advanced Statistics creates more accurate analysis and more reliable conclusions when working with complex relationships.IBM SPSS …

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