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Download Windows 7 Professional SP1 Spanish Updated December 2015 (64-BIT) – Operating System OS

Download Windows 7 Professional SP1

Download Windows 7 Professional SP1

Technical data
Windows 7 Professional SP1 Spanish (64-BIT)
DVD | ISO | 4.41 GB | Spanish | 64-bit | Updated December 2015

Technical information
S.O. : 6.1.7601.18489
Windows Update: 7.6.7600.320
Internet Explorer: 11.0.9600.18124 Update 11.0.26 (KB3104002)
Framework: v2 SP2 (v2.2 - 2.0.50727.5420) / v3 SP2 (v3.2 - 3.0.30729.5420) / v3.5 SP1 (v3.5.1 - 3.5.30729.5420)
Updates: 195 System (Framework included) / 3 WindowsUpdate / 4 Internet Explorer + 1 Cumulative IE 11
Size (ISO Image): 4.42GB (does not fit on DVD-5 by 41mb)
Size (Installed): 15.05GB (Not counting the SWAP or paging file)
Base version: Windows 7 PROFESSIONAL Service Pack 1 U (Post SP1) MSDN

General information
The 195 updates have been carefully selected to ensure security, as well as stability in the operating system, eliminating duplicate or obsolete updates (“Superseeded”).
Only commands such as DISM and OSCDIMG have been used, explained in the Microsoft MSDN Library for their creation.
No third party tools have been used.
No signature or property has been placed. Both the s.o. as commands and updates are property of Microsoft and its subsidiaries.
All updates have been obtained from the windows update catalog site.
It does not contain (nor will it contain) any personal modification. The s.o. It remains "intact" without any activator or modification. The user assumes responsibility for the good (or bad) use of it.
The system has been analyzed by ESET antivirus, Bitdefender in its RescueCD version and malwarebytes antimalware.
The image is an MSDN ISO, which still retains the date of 2011 mostly in files, corroborating the minimum intervention.
It is an intact system, so it requires installing and using an activator.
Changes (April 2015 Version)
It is reduced from 260+ to 195 updates.
Windows Update update kb3050265 is integrated, which reduces RAM overconsumption in one of the svchost services from 450 MB to 32mb.
Note: The first time you do a check-up, you will start consuming an approximate amount of 650mb, once finished your consumption will be gradually reduced. In addition, you are reminded that the windows AERO effect can consume up to 300mb of RAM (or more) with the name of svchost and should not be confused.
The amount of “obsolete files” is reduced from 1GB to just 2.13 MB
It is changed from ULTIMATE to PROFESSIONAL because it contains a long list of updates with a single server purpose, the home user does not require this type of services.
The original "label" is integrated into the ISO.

Omitted Updates
kb3112343: WINDOWS 10 Upgrade
kb3102810: WINDOWS 10 Upgrade
kb3083710: WINDOWS 10 Upgrade
kb3083324: WINDOWS 10 Upgrade
kb3080149: CEIP (Telemetry)
kb3075851: WINDOWS 10 Upgrade
kb3075249: CEIP (Telemetry)
KB3068708: CEIP (Telemetry)
KB3065987: WINDOWS 10 Upgrade
KB3064209: CRASH
KB3035583: WINDOWS 10 Upgrade
KB3022345: CEIP (Telemetry)
KB3021917: CEIP (telemetry) and WINDOWS 10 Upgrade
KB2990214: WINDOWS 10 Upgrade
KB2977759: CEIP (Telemetry)
KB2952664: WINDOWS 10 Upgrade
KB2882822: CEIP (Telemetry)
KB976932: SuperSeeded (Obsolete)
KB971033: CEIP (Telemetry)

Download Windows 7 Professional SP1

Frequent questions
Q: The omitted updates, what do they mean?
A: Those of “Windows 10 upgrade” help the user to update to the latest version of windows. The problem is that not everyone loves them, that is why I have omitted them. The "Telemetry" means that it sends information to microsoft of the use of your equipment to its servers to improve the service it delivers. Unfortunately, that did not exist until windows 10 appeared, so they have been omitted. The "Crash" is because it caused beautiful BSOD, the "Obsolete" is because it forces the installation of a previous update to the integrated one, causing a downgrade.
Q: What do I do with the omitted updates?
A: You can install them (Windows 10 upgrade) or send to Microsoft the use of your PC (Telemetry). If you want to skip them, in windows update put right click -> Hide update.
Q: Is it not worth two DVD-5 discs better?
A: For just 41mb I don't think anyone wants to burn a DVD disc. It is better to use tools like RUFUS. Any pen drive currently has more than 8 GB of more free space, =)
Still, believe me I did my best to reduce the size, but it was impossible.
Q: I get, in addition to the omitted updates, the KB3042058 update, did you forget?
A: That update is not possible to integrate (install offline), so only through windows update can it be installed (online).
The other option was to modify the s.o., but the purpose is to leave it untouchable in its entirety and only updated.
Q: Are there any more tips?
A: I will request to make a post in the Forum to explain the improvements that should be applied to improve the s.o., that includes post installation and buIn practice for January 2016 and so on.
Q: Will you do the same with the BASIC / HOME PREMIUM / ETC versions?
A: Only with PROFESSIONAL and the STARTER version.
Q: Did you really check each update, really?
A: Third-party tools do not correctly report each update and its function. Analyzing it manually helps keep the system in good condition.
Q: What equipment can I install it for? Is it useful for a notebook / pc / AIO?
A: If your computer supports windows 7, and you have the drivers, it will work as usual. Remember that it is a practically unmodified image, only integrated with updates using the good practices taught in the deployment courses, such as the microsoft msdn.

Note: Make sure your processor supports 64 bits and has at least 4GB of ram or more for proper operation. It may work correctly in 2GB, but your computer may become slow. In the opposite case, I advise you to use the 32-bit version that will consume a significantly smaller amount of resources and can enjoy your computer normally.

System Requirements
Processor: 1 GHz
RAM: 1 GB of RAM (Recommended 2 GB of RAM)
Graphics card: DirectX 9 graphics device with support for WDDM 1.0 drivers (for Windows Aero)
Hard disk: 16 GB of free space (Recommended 20 GB of free space)
Optical drive: DVD-R

Download Windows 7 Professional SP1


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